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Benefits Appeals


The appeals process. When a veteran receives a denial or is rated lower than warranted for a benefits claim, they have the option to appeal. The first step in the appeals process is at the regional level. Most cases are settled at this level. If, for some reason, the denial is continued, or the veteran is unsatisfied, then they can pursue an appeal at to the Board of Veteran’s Appeals. Finally, if this also unsuccessful, the veteran can appeal to the U.S. Court of Appeals to Veterans Claims.

No matter what level of the appeals process you are in, it is important that you seek out representation. The Richardson Firm can help. Our team knows exactly how to preserve your appeal date and, in some cases, gain benefits for expired VA effective dates. We will help submit appeals for new review and ensure that new evidence is included to sustain the claim.

Our team only charges if you win your VA benefits claim. If you do not obtain veterans benefits, there is no charge.

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