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How to Choose the Best Court-Martial Defense

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How to Choose the Best Court-Martial Defense

You served your country with pride, but now you’re facing a court‐martial. No matter what allegations you are facing, you need the best defense attorney on your side. This trial will affect how people view your military experience, your personality, and the future of your career. At The Richardson Firm, we specialize in military defense cases. We want to share with you the questions our office receives on what to do if you are subject to a court‐martial, and how to choose the best court‐martial defense to have on your side.

Q: If I haven’t been charged in a court‐martial yet but think I may be, should I seek counsel?

A: Yes. It’s always prudent to know as much as you can about your legal situation, and getting professional advice, even if you haven’t been faced with a court‐martial yet is highly recommended. You probably have a lot of questions about your rights, and you shouldn’t have to try and find those answers alone.

Q: If I am facing a court‐martial or am getting questioned by a member of my command or CID, what should I do?

A: Remaining silent is within your rights, and we highly recommend you do so. Providing a statement can lead to irreparable circumstances down the road.

Q: What if I have already given a statement?

A: Do not provide them with any further information, and speak with a defense attorney that can help your case. There is a good chance that an experienced court‐martial defense attorney will be able to undo any harm that your statement may bring to your trial.

Q: What can I do to help my defense?

A: Begin by putting together a list of identifying witnesses that were involved in the alleged incident. Provide their full name, rank, and unit. But most importantly, seek the counsel of a defense attorney with years of experience winning court‐martial cases.

Q: Can I hire a civilian lawyer?

A: Yes, you can. Whenever you hire a lawyer ‐ for any kind of case ‐ you want to know what kind of track record they have on those kinds of cases. A lawyer might have some experience with court‐martial cases, but only an attorney with decades of military service will have the experience in these kinds of trials that you need on your side.

Experience Will Matter When Handling Your Case

No one knows better than you do how different military and civilian culture are. When you are facing a court‐martial you don’t just need any defense attorney, you need one with extensive experience practicing military law. We are proud to have Kris Poppe on our team, and he will work hard to fight for you and your family. Kris retired from active duty in 2016, and at the time he was the most experienced defense counsel in any U.S. military service. On top of that, he has over 35 years of military service. When you partner with the Richardson Firm for your court‐martial defense you will have decades of experience on your side.

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