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Injured On Someone Else’s Property? Do You Know Your Rights?

Personal Injury Hurt On Someone Else's Property

Protect your rights and maximize your payout after an accident or injury. Personal injury claims are complex, and it is wise to have an expert attorney at your side. Most often after an accident or injury, you are experiencing physical and mental stress and need the support of an expert. 


All property owners, including commercial businesses, have a duty to keep their premises in a reasonably safe condition.  Yet, each day people are injured when property owners neglect to perform this duty.  A failure to keep the property safe can open the owner up to a civil claim for damages.  


To help protect your rights, it is important to identify what caused your injury and to document it as best you can with photographs or video.  Your cell phone camera is a great tool.  Frequent causes for injuries in stores are liquids on the floor, electrical wires or cords, or merchandise falling off of shelves. 

Sometimes, people are attacked or robbed by criminals inside or outside of a commercial business.  Commercial property owners also have a duty to provide reasonable security to protect their patrons and their failure to do so can also substantiate a claim for civil damages.    


Because you may forget details over time, it is vital that you document the incident while it is fresh on your mind. If relevant, take photos of injuries and the area the accident occurred; this will come into hand later when meeting with your lawyer. Any photos you take may serve as evidence in your claim, which makes it easier for your lawyer to support your case.

It is imperative that you document all bills and losses related to an injury or accident.  Make sure to save any and all medical bills, receipts, or any invoices related to the accident. Keep a record of the number of days of work and income you’ve lost due to your injury.

If possible, it is important to file a report or record of the incident with the store after the accident or injury occurs. This document should include the incident’s date, time, and circumstances. Make sure to make a copy of the report for your records and share it with your lawyer.


When you file a personal injury claim, you will face experienced insurance companies who are skilled in protecting their interests. Insurance companies are for-profit businesses.  One of their primary goals is to minimize the amount of money you receive to settle your personal injury claim.  

Our Fayetteville personal injury attorneys at The Richardson Firm will advocate on your behalf so that you’re able to receive the resources needed to recover from an injury on someone else’s property.  We know how insurance companies work.  Let us put our knowledge and skill to work for you.

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